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It's a Standard - of Excellence, a Specification, a Methodology, a Mission

SceneSafe® solution is a combination of Patented Hardware and Software to protect Firefighters/EMS, Citizens, Property and Infrastructure during Emergency events.

With a technical team of over 200 person years of business, construction, semi-conductors, solar, battery storage, design, engineering, QC, manufacturing, robotics, and life skills acumen, we provide, an overarching patented umbrella of controls for all defined hazards in one solution. Solar PV, Batteries, Electric Utility, Gas Utility, Industrial machinery and process piping, Generators, Active Shooter and terrorism event mitigation. numerous patents, filed in US, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, India, EU. SceneSafe Corporation invites - Telecom, Utilities, Solar, Inverter, Battery, Industrial, Commercial - Collaborations, Joint Ventures, USA and Global licensing of non-exclusive and exclusive territories for it's ongoing developments in SceneSafe® electronic control devices, Patented Comprehensive Rapid Shutdown Technology, ESS, and new Inverter developments. Companies interested in joint development to incorporate comprehensive rapid shutdown into existing products are of particular interest. NDA required. Building a strong energy patent portfolio of essential disruptive safety technology (US, Japan, EU, Thailand, India, Singapore)

SceneSafe® Comprehensive RSD* If the Label doesn’t say SceneSafe®, It’s Not!™
All Patented Systems Marketed under the SceneSafe® Trademark PV Stop®
Potential Voltage and Hazard Stop System US Patent # 9,791,835 B2
Pv Stax - Multi-function junction mf/j system US Patent #10,143,101B2
Registration PCT/US2015/054072
Numerous Continuation and Provisional Filings underway *Exceeds NEC 690.12 Requirements

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